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Our ambition is to be a leader in energy innovation. We're constantly seeking for new innovative technologies and business models, that we can develop together into value creating energy solutions for our customers.

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What is Enefit Idea Hub?

Enefit’s ambition is to offer our clients useful and convenient energy solutions and to produce energy ourselves, in an increasingly environment conserving way, as thus we will make our contribution into making the world cleaner. We are focusing on innovation more that ever to offer new solutions for our customers in our home markets.

Enefit Idea Hub is the leader of Enefit’s energy innovation.

In Hub we search for the best innovative solutions for new services. Equipped with agile mindset, design thinking toolbox and great team of specialists and mentors we turn promising ideas into world changing businesses.

The Pitch is our biggest international idea gathering initiative that welcomes everyone to sit on the front row of energy innovation


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Why should you submit your idea?

Be part of energy innovation

You are changing the world by making energy greener and simpler

An opportunity to create new value for people

By creating energy innovation, you can develop personally

Why are we doing it?

In Enefit we are responsible for making the best use of the resources, technology and grid which have been entrusted to us. It is important for us to make our energy production more and more environmentally friendly. We are knowledgeable in our field, constantly looking for new ways to provide our clients with better service and energy development. We combine the skills and knowledge of knowledgeable people, because there is real power in working together.

What kinds of ideas are we seeking?

  • Ideas that would make a client's life easier, smarter and more beneficial
  • New technologies, business models, services and market management that can disrupt todays’ energy game
  • Ideas that cross the boundaries of other disciplines

What is Idea Hub’s offering?

  • Global digital solutions and presence in five countries
  • Reference client with an internationally strong digital and IT reputation
  • The mentors are the best experts in the field, both within and outside of the company
  • Diverse network of partners to make new contacts
  • Simulated data for fast solution testing

Idea Hub searches new ideas 24/7 but also using international competitions like the Pitch. Having analysed hundreds of ideas yearly our experts have vast experience on what is going to be the next Transferwise or Airbnb of the energy field.

Idea Hub promises to share information with the creator about how the idea is doing in the analysis stage and what decision we are making regarding the future course of the idea.